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FATA Ama­zo­nas e. V.

At the moment, Nina Steg­mann is lea­ding the crea­tion and foun­da­tion of a non-pro­fit asso­cia­tion: FATA Ama­zo­nas e. V.
What does FATA stand for?

The name FATA refers to the four ele­ments in Spa­nish — the “cua­tro elementos”:

F = Fuego: Fire
A = Agua: Water
T = Tierra: Earth
A = Aire: Air

The pur­pose of the asso­cia­tion is to sup­port and pro­tect the indi­ge­nous popu­la­tion of the Ama­zon region in Colom­bia. In order to achieve this, we plan on rea­li­zing pro­jects in health and edu­ca­tion as well as pro­jects for the sus­tainable pre­ser­va­tion of the eco­sys­tems in the Ama­zon region. We will reach the goal of our asso­cia­tion by orga­ni­zing and pro­mo­ting pro­jects as well as pro­vi­ding finan­cial means.
Our first pur­suit is to plan, finance, equip and ope­rate a first aid cen­ter in order to signi­fi­cantly improve emer­gency care in the Ama­zon region. Other pro­jects to improve the local health and edu­ca­tion situa­tion as well as to pre­serve the eco­sys­tem will follow.

You can read more about FATA Ama­zo­nas e.V. on the home­page of the asso­cia­tion. You can find the direct link here.
You can also get more infor­ma­tion on the Insta­gram- and Face­book-Account of the association.

Are you interested in hearing more?
Please feel free to reach out to us!

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