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E‑Scooter start-up

Bes­i­des the acti­vi­ties as a trans­for­ma­tion con­sul­tant, I am con­sul­tant and co-foun­­­der of the start-up eStarling.io of the Uni­ver­sity of Stutt­gart dealing with micro­mo­bi­lity, auto­no­mous dri­ving and arti­fi­cial intelligence.

The start-up is embed­ded in a pro­ject for sus­tainable mobi­lity cal­led Mobi­lity Living Lab of the Uni­ver­sity of Stuttgart.

Rese­ar­chers at the Uni­ver­sity of Stutt­gart are cur­r­ently deve­lo­ping a self-dri­­ving e‑scooter. This is due to be inte­gra­ted into the e‑scooter ren­tal sys­tem on the cam­pus. The e‑scooters use a modern con­trol sys­tem to drive to the next port of call without the need for a dri­ver. A dis­tri­bu­tion algo­rithm opti­mi­zes the avai­la­bi­lity of the e‑scooters on the cam­pus. A self-dri­­ving e‑scooter will replace ten nor­mal e‑scooters in an e‑scooter ren­tal system.

(Source: Book­let Mobi­Lab [de])

Press refe­ren­ces (Stutt­gart News­pa­per) [de]

Institute for Systems Theory and Automatic Control (IST)

Mobility Living Lab
Pfaffenwaldring 9, 70569 Stuttgart

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