Event series
“The New Normal” -
Nina’s Net­work goes Digital

The online net­wor­king event series The “New Nor­mal” — Nina’s Net­work goes Digi­tal was laun­ched in July 2020.

But how did it come about that “Nina’s Net­work” sud­denly had to “go digital”?

In May 2020, a big cele­bra­tion was plan­ned: Nina Stegmann’s one-year anni­ver­s­ary — one year of self-employ­­ment. The invi­ta­ti­ons had been sent out, the menu and drinks list had been appro­ved, and the day just had to come. What came ins­tead was COVID-19. Like many other cele­bra­ti­ons and events, our cele­bra­tion had to be can­cel­led. But we could­n’t accept it that easily. We had to find an alter­na­tive! So, without fur­ther ado, we deci­ded to turn the phy­si­cal event into an online event. So we did­n’t cele­brate in the loca­tion, but online! Such an online event was rather a rarity in May 2020.

Please note that for the time being, the events are in Ger­man only.